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Showroom Details
Antiques Of Woodstock
18/20 Market Place, Woodstock
Oxfordshire OX21 1TA

Welcome to the Oak & Country Furniture Partnership's website

We specialise in the supply of 16th, 17th and 18th Century antique oak and country furniture, early metalwork, antiquities and we always carry a stock of Gothic furniture, Renaissance furniture, and medieval artefacts. We also carry a large selection of antiquities dating from the Celtic, Roman, Medieval and Tudor periods and associated early metalwork.

Enjoy browsing our antiques web site. All our antiques and antiquities can be viewed in our 3000 square foot Grade II listed historical building in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK.

If we don't have exactly what you are looking for in stock use our antique search service. We can often source an item of antique furniture, early metalwork or an antiquity for you.

For over 25 years we have been selling to clients in the UK, overseas and have placed numerous items into museum collections. Our stock of antiques is constantly changing but normally includes antique oak dressers, antique settles, antique tables/refectory tables, gate leg tables, country sets of antique chairs, antique oak coffers, mule chests, livery cupboards, press cupboards, antique chests of drawers, oak bible boxes, antique tester beds and corner cupboards.




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More About The Oak & Country Furniture Partnership in the UK

Run by Andrew Hennell who has been collecting and dealing in period oak and country furniture and antiquities for over 25 years.

"I have been extremely fortunate to be able to turn my passion for early country furniture, archaeology and antiquities, into a business" says Andrew. "My clients range from people, such as myself, who love the history, feel, touch and patina of an early piece of antique oak furniture to those people who are moving into a country cottage for the first time and want advice on how to furnish their home with pieces of Antique Oak Furniture that are in keeping with the age and style of their property".

Andrew has been trading from the centre of Woodstock for many years and in September 1999 Andrew teamed up with Allan James, who specialises in fine antique furniture, and they bought a large Grade II listed historical building. Known as Antiques Of Woodstock in the centre of town it gives them over 3000 square feet of retail space.

"Finding early pieces of oak furniture is not easy and very time consuming" explains Andrew "I am fortunate to have many clients who have dealt with me over a long period of time and I am often able to buy back or exchange rare pieces that I have sold in the past, as clients move to a larger or smaller house. There is only a limited amount of early country furniture out there, and it makes sense to keep in touch with your clients and their furniture".

Andrew's stock of oak and country antiques is constantly changing but usually contains a great collection of period furniture that usually includes Antique oak coffers, Antique oak mule chests, Antique oak dressers, Antique oak cupboards, Antique oak joint stools, Antique tables, Antique chairs, Antique settles, Antique oak bible boxes, Antique chest of drawers, Antique Gothic furniture, Oak and country furniture and Antique Renaissance furniture

Andrew has cabinets full of Antique Medieval artefacts and antiquities such as Oil lamps, coins, brooches, keys, rings, pottery, tokens, tiles, arrow heads, bone implements, figures, pewter spoons, knives and leatherwork dating from 2000 BC to 1600 AD.

Whether you are a collector, antique dealer, interior designer or a person looking to buy antiques/antiquities for the first time, browse through our stock on line or visit our shop which is open seven days a week.

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Our Selection of Antique TABLES

17th / 18th Century Portuguese Writing Table | 17th Century Oak Altar Table | 18th Century Oak Folding Coaching Table | 19th Century Painted Cricket Table | A 17th Century Oak Side Table | A 17th Century Oak Side Table | A Late 17th Century Drop Leaf Writing Table | A Late 18th Century Oak & Pine Trestle Table | A Mid 17th Century Oak Side Table | A Mid 19th Century Oak Cricket Table | A Primitive Late 18th Century Walnut Cricket Table | A Rare Early 19th Century Yew Wood Tripod Table | A Superb 18th Century Beech & Oak Farmhouse Table. | Early 19th Century Mahogany Rim Top Tripod Table | Early 19th Century Oak Tripod Table | Oak, Walnut &Yew Wood Side Table c.1690 |

Our Selection of Antique CHAIRS AND STOOLS

17th Century Scottish Panelled Chair | A 17th Century Oak Wainscot Chair | A Circa 1700 Oak Armchair | A Circa 1700 Walnut Upholstered Chair | A Harlequin Set Of 10 Mid 19th Century Spindleback Chairs. | A Late 18th Early 19th Century Oak Cheese Stool. | A Mid 19th Century Elm Seated Child's Chair. | A Pair Of 19th Century Upholstered Armchairs. | A Superb 17th Century Walnut Chair | A True Set Of Six Late 18th Century Elm Dining Chairs | An 18th Century Wing Back Settee. | An Early 19th Century Burr Elm Stool | An Exceptionally Rare Oak Chair Dating Circa Mid 16th Century | Harlequin Set Early 19th Century Chairs | Mid 19th Century Oak Armchair | Oak Gothic Throne Circa 1450 - 1500 | Three French Cherry Chairs |

Our Selection of Antique DRESSERS

A Mid 18th Century Inverted Breakfront Lancashire Oak Dresser Base | A Mid To Late 18th Century Oak Dresser | A Mid To Late 18th Century Oak Pot Board Dresser | An 18th Century Elm Dresser & Rack | An Early 19th Century Oak Dresser | Superb Mid 17th Century Oak Low Dresser Circa 1650 |

Our Selection of Antique CUPBOARDS

16th Century Two Door Cupboard | 18th Century Oak Armoire From Northern France | A Circa 1450 Provincial Chestnut Cupboard | A Late 15th Century Early 16th Century Oak Gothic Cupboard. | A Late 18th Century Oak Dressoir | A Mid 16th Century Oak Four Door Cupboard | A Very Fine Late 16th Century Early 17th Century Oak Joined Press/Court Cupboard | Oak Dressoir. Circa 1500 | Rare Mid 17th Century Oak Food Cupboard |

Our Selection of Antique CHESTS OF DRAWERS AND DESKS

A 17th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers | A Mid 17th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers | Early 18th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers |

Our Selection of Antique hidden


17th Century Bible / Writing Box | 17th Century Oak Ecclesiastical Box | 17th/18th Century Upholstered Ottoman | A 17th Century Leather Bound & Studded Domed Carrying Box | A 17th Century Panelled And Carved Oak Box | A Gothic Carved Chest Dating To Late 15th Early 16th Century | A Late 17th Century Oak Two Panelled Coffer | A Mid 15th Century Oak Chest From The Midi Pyrenees | A Rare Late 16th Century Early 17th Century Walnut Bargueno | A rare Mid 16th Century Casket With A Fully Fitted Interior | A Small & Well Proportioned Oak Gothic Chest 16th Century | A Superb 15th Century Oak Chest Covered | Late 17th Century Oak Coffer |

Our Selection of Antique SETTLES, SETTEES

A Circa 1690 Walnut Framed Settee Covered In Early Needlework | A rare period oak settle profusely carved and dated 1674 |

Our Selection of Antique OTHER ITEMS

17th Century Oak Cradle | 19th Century Gilded Mirror | A Circa 1500 Group Depicting St. Anne | A Group Of 15th Century Oak Panels | A Group Of 15th Century Oak Panels | A Large Early 19th Century Needlework In The Original Frame | A Late 16th Early 17th Century Italian Walnut Dough Bin | A Late 19th Century Oil Painting | A Late 19th Century Oil Painting | A Late 19th Century Oil Painting | A Late 19th Century Oil Painting | A Late 19th Century Oil Painting. | A Period Carved Oak Panel Removed From A Reconstructed 16th Century Dressoir | A Period Carved Oak Panel Removed From A Reconstructed 16th Century Dressoir | A Rare Late 16th Century Early 17th Century Walnut Bargueno | An 18th Century Eight Day Long Case Clock | An 18th/19th Century Marble Bust Of Homer | An Early 16th Century Oak Romayne Head Panel Dating To 1511 Of Exceptional Quality | An Eight Day Oak Long Case Clock By Thomas Clarke Of Burton | Early 20th Century Standard Lamp |

Our Selection of Antique METALWORK

17th Century Bronze/Bell Metal Pan | 16th/17th Century Bronze Cauldron | 16th/17th Century Iron Smelting Ladles | 17th Century Italian Bronze Wall Plaque | 18th Century Brass Tobacco Box | 18th Century Bronze Pestle And Mortar | 18th Century French Brandy Warmer | 18th/19th Century Bronze Pestle And Mortar | 19th Century Cooking Pot | 19th Century Waffle Maker | A 15th/16th Century Flemish Candlestick | A 17th Century Candelabra | A 17th/18th Century Skillet | An 18th Century Skillet | An 18th Century Skillet | Pair Of 17th/18th Century Bronze Wick Trimmers | Rare 17th Century Waffle Maker |

Our Selection of Antique ANTIQUITIES

15th Century Hand Thrown Thumbprint Jug | 15th Century Money Pot | 15th/16th Century Bronze Buckle Complete | 15th/16th Century Bronze Zoomorphic Tap | 15th/16th Century Decorative Sword Handle | 15th/16th Century Marbles | 16th Century Brass Knife | 16th Century Bronze Casket Key | 16th Century Glazed Stoneware Jug | 16th Century Small Bell | 16th Century Thimble | 16th/17th Century Bronze casket Key | 16th/17th Century Devotional Walnut Carving | 16th/17th Century Fire Brick | 16th/17th Century Tudor Bronze Buckle Complete With Pin | 16th/Early 17th Century Spur | 17th Century Blue And White Dutch Tile | 17th Century Bronze Crotal Bell | 17th Century Dutch Stoneware Jar | 17th Century Glass Head | 17th Century Knife With Bone Handle | 17th Century Lead Standing Figure | 17th Century Powder Cask | 17th Century Slip Top Pewter Spoon | 19th Century Shoes | 2nd/3rd Century Decorative Roman Fibula Brooch | 3rd/4th Century Roman Ear Scoop & Nail Cleaner | 5 Tiered Open Top Thimble | 9th Century Bronze Arabic Oil Lamp | A Celtic Votive Decorated Weight | A Hand Beaten Bronze Medieval Spoon In Excavated Condition | A Medieval Bronze Ring With IHS on The Bezel | A Rare Medieval Bronze Clasped Fist | A Silver 16th/17th Century Engraved Cross | A Small 16th/17th Century Bronze Religious Medallion | A Stone Gothic Mortar | A Superb Late 16th Century Renaissance Carved Wood Statue | A Tudor Clothes Hook Fastener | An Early Bronze Hammer Or Pipe Tamper | An Excavated Late Medieval Pewter Pilgrim | Belamine Jug. Circa 1640 | Blue Tile In Frame | Brass Folding Icon | Bronze Roman Key 2nd/3rd Century | Childs 16th Century Thimble | Chinese Pot. 10th - 12th Century Sung Dynasty | Decorative Medieval Bronze Band | Early Watch Key | I8th/19th Century Marble Bust Of Homer | Jin Dynasty Chinese Bowl 1115 - 1234 AD | Lead Tudor Decorative Roundel | Medieval Bronze Fitting With Zoomorphic Design | Medieval Decorated Bronze Fitting | Ming Storage Vessels. Mid 15th Century | Nuremberg Jetton Used For Gaming | Painted Pottery Guardian. Tang Dynasty 618 - 906 AD | Pair Of Funerary Vases. Song Dynasty 960 AD - 1279 AD | Pair Of Pots. Han Dynasty 206 BC - 221 AD | Pottery Attendants. Ming Dynasty 1368 - 1643 AD | Rare 1st/2nd Century Silver Roman Fibula Brooch | Rare Early Medieval Bronze Decorated Strap End | Rare George III Weight | Saxon Bronze Pin With Decoration | Silver 18th Century Thimble | Six Medieval Bone Chess Pieces | Small 3rd/4th Century Roman Fibula Brooch | Small Medieval Open Top Thimble | Song Dynasty 960 AD - 1279 AD Figure | Tudor Clothes Hook Fastener | Unusual 3rd Century Roman Brooch | Unusual Pointed 17th Century key | Yuan Dynasty Chinese Bowl 1279 - 1368 AD |